24.4.15 - 11.07am

NIcky Strong, Consultant, states:

17.3.15 - 10.40am

A late amendment to the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill will have a big effect on big business. 

25.6.14 - 1.26pm

The Government has finally announced its intentions following the consultation on zero hours contracts, which closed on 19 March.  It seems it is taking the easy option of going with the most popular suggestion, namely banning exclusivity clauses

18.6.14 - 10.15am

Intelligence agency GCHQ is to begin regular bulk-sharing of classified intelligence information with the UK's biggest companies.

17.6.14 - 9.07am

The dispute between licensed taxi drivers and Uber, which resulted in protests, throws up some interesting legal issues.

Competition and EU law
23.5.14 - 1.21pm

A round table discussion about the changing role of in house legal

01.5.14 - 12.28pm

It was announced by Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, last week that Cornish people will be granted "minority status".  What does this mean?

28.4.14 - 2.39pm

As public sector employers prepare to sell off major assets in order to fund equal pay liabilities, equal pay related issues are becoming an increasing concern for the private sector.  This month alone there are press reports concerning significan

10.3.14 - 10.02am

The journey from simply running stores to operating a seamless multi-channel business is a very painful and extremely long (and getting longer it seems).  It also requires support and commitment from the very top management team.

Retail and consumer goods
03.3.14 - 9.04am

As the focus continues on the issue of obesity of the UK's children, new steps are being taken by the regulators to address this issue.  For example, in the context of advertising, on 25 February 2014 the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) an

31.1.14 - 10.55am

Stephen Panton, Senior Associate in our Health, Safety and Environmental team attended RenewableUK's 10th annual health & safety conference at the iconic Edgbaston Cricket Ground on 29 January 2014.

Health and safety
28.1.14 - 1.54pm

Consumer Price Index measure of inflation dropped to two per cent, this is the first time inflation has been at two per cent since November 2009.

22.1.14 - 1.29pm

The message from the Investment Property Forum's annual outlook was one of positivity.  Listening to presentations from three key players in the market, it is clear that there is now evidence of tangible economic recovery in the UK which in turn i

Real estate - Real Estate, Investment
15.1.14 - 10.14am

Every New Year brings a number of New Year resolutions for individuals, whether it be fitness regimes or giving up alcohol for January.  The same should also be true of businesses, particularly as 2014 will be a strange year for both politics and

16.12.13 - 4.39pm

It has just been announced that the Society of Lloyd's has signed a formal cooperation agreement with the Prudential Regulation Authority covering the information sharing obligations between the two bodies, with the aim of avoiding unnecessary dup

Financial institutions - Insurance
27.11.13 - 2.34pm

Today's decision of the Court of Appeal in Mitchell v News Group International has confirmed that the courts will uphold robust decisions concerning the new civil litigation rules for costs budgeting.

13.11.13 - 3.10pm

New draft Regulations which will allow a range of commercial activities to be consented as nationally significant developments under The Planning Act 2008, rather than The Town and Country Planning Act process, have now been published.

Real estate - Planning and infrastructure
30.10.13 - 2.25pm

The DCMS has announced further deregulation measures so that certain activities can take place without the need for a licence.

Hospitality and leisure
28.10.13 - 11.09am

Much criticism has been levelled at the UK for its current 20% VAT rate which is said to be hampering the growth of the tourism and hospitality sector.

Hospitality and leisure
25.10.13 - 3.07pm

One of the Hospitality industry's major campaigns – that of facilitating access to the United Kingdom – received a major boost this week with the announcement by the Chancellor, George Osborne that Visa applications for Chinese visitors entering the UK will be simplified.

Hospitality and leisure
16.10.13 - 4.13pm

From in-store "theatre" initiatives, to restructuring teams to bring online and store together, retailers are having to be more innovative than ever in their multi-channel strategies to drive footfall and maximise

Retail and consumer goods
11.10.13 - 1.58pm

The Court concluded that there was merit in the case advanced by the objectors that the Scottish Ministers had failed to take proper account of their obligations under the Wild Birds Directive.

Planning and infrastructure, Environment
10.10.13 - 2.31pm

Do you need to obtain a generating licence before you can be granted a section 36 consent?  For many years section 36 consents have been granted to applicants who do not hold a generating licence, but a recent ruling of the Court of Session in Sco

Real estate - Planning and infrastructure
08.10.13 - 3.37pm

We reported back in April that Unitech's application to change its case to include an allegation of an implied representation based on manipulation of LIBOR had failed.

Financial institutions - Insurance


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