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We understand. You need more than just legal excellence. You’re also looking for a team that understands the sector in which you work. That knows what matters most, your commercial objectives and the pressures you’re under. 

We don’t just advise across our sector areas. We’re a part of them. Our lawyers are drawn from in-house and specialist teams to make sure we’re always able to ask the right questions and get the right, tailored solutions.

Energy and Natural Resources

It makes a refreshing change to know that your energy and natural resources lawyers understand your sector inside out. 

We understand that a rapid pace of innovation combined with tougher regulations and emerging technologies mean both opportunities and risks. That’s why you’re looking to us to provide greater value. To go beyond just legal advice and help you make the right decisions.

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Financial Institutions

We’re one of the largest financial institutions teams outside of the City, with the confidence to deliver strong relationships and value. 

In a sector that spans the man on the street through to complex virtual transactions it stands to reason, our clients need a legal team with an innovative approach and years of experience.

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We’ve been working in the insurance industry for over 40 years – and we work hard to deliver what matters most to you.

We balance legal expertise with being able to anticipate and understand the needs of your global, high profile and heavily regulated industry.

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The complexities of the global manufacturing industry are diverse and the sector faces its own unique set of challenges.

With our strategic focus on the manufacturing sector, we understand the market, the structure of the industry and the challenges which our clients face. 

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Real Estate

Our unique insight into the challenges and opportunities you face comes from advising some of the biggest names across the real estate sector and beyond.

Long-standing, strong client relationships are important to us. They help us understand the issues and challenges you face and deliver an outstanding client experience based on what matters most to you. 

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Retail and Consumer Goods

With strong client relationships with many of the top UK retail brands, we’re proud of our leading reputation.

We’ve invested heavily in our retail sector offering over the last 25 years and our team has grown to become one of the largest dedicated retail sector legal teams in the UK market. 

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Private Wealth

It can sometimes feel like thinking about and planning for the future gets in the way of making the most of today.

Over a lifetime your needs are going to change. From managing property and businesses through to writing a Will and putting measures in place to protect you and your family in later years. Knowing you have an expert team, standing alongside, can take the pressure off leaving you to enjoy the present.

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Transport and Infrastructure

Working in transport and infrastructure means more than just rail, ports, bus and aviation companies.

Efficient and reliable systems are key to a successful economy. But we understand that expanding interests, emerging technology and tougher regulations present real challenges.

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Other Specialist Markets

From charities to leisure centres, online gamers to local authorities, academies to education suppliers, you can rely on us to know your industry inside and out.

We understand that it isn’t enough to be legal experts. You need us to have put ourselves in your shoes and taken the time to understand what you’re about. 

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