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Staying at the forefront of the transport and infrastructure sector comes down to knowing how to innovate.

We don’t like putting legal services in boxes – preferring to use our broad sector and technology expertise to anticipate change and the commercial steps needed to help our clients succeed.

We understand that Smart Cities are about using connected technology and data to solve citizen and consumer challenges, within urban environments. We also understand we stand out from the other firms working in this field.  This isn’t a new string to our bow. Because of our track record over many years within the transport and infrastructure sector, we’ve been at the forefront of numerous ‘smart’ projects, both in the UK and overseas.

From smart waste collection to managing big data; contactless payments, ecommerce and driverless cars; smart grids, mobile ticketing, e-medical devices and networking - we think your legal team should stand alongside you.  Moving at the same speed of change as you. We’re proud of our reputation for providing an outstanding client experience, grounded in innovative, commercially focused solutions.

Our clients are looking for their law firm to provide greater value and that means making sure we answer our clients' questions better than anyone else. Whatever your project, we work hard to make it easy for you to do business. We draw from expertise across our sector and service teams to make sure you get practical, prompt, actionable advice at every step. As the project evolves and changes, so do we.  

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What we do

We have experience of providing legal support across a wider range of projects including:

  • Smart waste collection
  • Contactless payments
  • Smart ticketing
  • Big data projects
  • E-medical devices
  • Mobile ticketing, on-board wi-fi and live tracking
  • Smart grids for integrating renewable energy and alternative fuels
  • Intelligent Home Area Networks.

Examples of work

  • We have advised a health care provider in respect of an upgrade to its current telephonic services to include a video call service between patient and clinicians. This will be possible via a smart network. 
  • We have worked with a number of clients in the development of Smart technology and provision of systems to be utilised in achieving Smart Energy objectives. Our experience includes advising smart boiler manufacturers in respect of the opportunities and risks involved in transmission and protection of data in addition to all legal requirements involved in the project.
  • We have supported a manufacturer and supplier of smart meters in respect of the contractual structure in place to allow it to provide solutions required to  fully utilise such  meters.
  • We have worked with London based train operating companies to support them in their adoption and implementation of smart ticketing and its subsequent development from Oyster to contactless payment. Advising on such contracts requires an understanding of both the technical requirements; commercial objectives and data protection obligations, which must all be balanced to ensure that opportunities in respect of this area are fully optimised.  
  • We have advised a client in the provision of a service to facilitate interconnectivity of domestic devices including eco-friendly heating systems; smart TVs and lighting systems via a Home Area Network.