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A rapid pace of technological innovation and flexibility in how payment can be taken presents both opportunities and risks.

Our technology and financial services experts work collaboratively with you to deliver clear, commercially focused advice, grounded in an understanding of technological development and the associated legal challenges.  

Working with banks, payment intermediaries and retailers, as well as those developing new methods of providing payment solutions, we work hard to tailor every piece of advice given so that it can shape or be adapted to the technological solution.  Our expertise spans the legal disciplines, including Payment Service Regulations (PSRs) and Electronic Money Regulations (EMRs) advice, on exemptions under the relevant regulations and the scope of obligations under the PSRs.

What matters most to us, however, is that you feel you’re getting an outstanding client experience and have the right team of legal experts standing by your side.  It’s important that you trust us to understand not only your industry, but the ethos behind your organisation and your customers. 

As one of the strongest, dedicated payment services teams in the legal sector, we pride ourselves on the adaptable, anticipatory nature of the advice we give.  Clear direction and actionable suggestions contribute to achieving organisational goals that grow with the technology and your business.

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T:+44 (0)207 788 2334

What we do

We have particular experience in the following areas:

  • Payment Service Regulations (PSRs)
  • Electronic Money Regulations (EMRs) advice
  • Terms and Conditions.

Examples of work

  • We advised our client in respect of its plans to introduce carrier billing facilities to a range of Mobile Network Operators and the potential regulatory implications arising from the PSRs and EMRs in this context.
  • We advised our client on the suitability of the proposed arrangements with a third party online retailer of mobile phone accessories and the potential regulatory implications arising from the PSRs in the context of the agreement.
  • We advised our client on the proposed arrangements with a third party applications ("apps") developer regarding the potential regulatory implications arising from the PSRs on the interaction of the apps with the customer personal security information.

Our clients include: Three (Hutchison 3G UK Limited), Mogo Holdings Pty Ltd (Mogo+), Impulsepay Ltd and Post Office Limited.