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We work hard to understand your business and objectives so our disputes advice adds real, practical value.

Long-term client relationships are important to us. We want you to feel you have the right people for the job working alongside you. Experts that recognise when cases should be fought and when swift, confidential resolution is the best course of action. 

Recovery+ is our top ranked specialist debt recovery team. Working as an integral part of our dispute resolution group we specifically look after debt of over £35m.  

Our legal executives, career paralegals and LPC graduates, under the supervision of specialist commercial litigation and insolvency solicitors, look after your case throughout its lifecycle. We’re by your side at every step, using the latest IT solutions and drawing on many years’ of experience working for organisations like yours, with clients from across the energy, financial institutions, retail, transport and education sectors.

We work hard to make sure we’re listening to you throughout the process, asking the right questions so we can get you the right outcomes. Our collaborative approach means that you can trust us, knowing that your case is progressing in a timely, appropriate manner and that we’re the right people for the job, whatever direction you need us to turn in.

"One of the market leaders – fully deserving of its reputation and respected in the field."

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What we do

We have particular experience in the following areas:

  • Indemnity commission debts of IFAs and Appointed representatives
  • Policy overpayment
  • Annuity overpayments following the death of an annuitant
  • Mortgage shortfall
  • Unpaid premiums in respect of insurance policies
  • Rent arrears
  • Civil recovery in fraud cases
  • Salary overpayments

Examples of work

  • Our client, an insurance and investment company, mistakenly made a policy overpayment to a customer under an insurance policy. Initial efforts by our client to recover the overpayment were unsuccessful as the debtor refused to repay voluntarily.  We were instructed to issue proceedings and quickly obtained Judgment against the debtor for the full overpayment plus costs and interest.  Once Judgment was secured the debtor began to correspond with us directly, but was unable to repay the debt in full immediately. We proceeded to secure the debt against property owned by the debtor, before arranging for the debtor to repay the full debt by way of monthly instalment payments.  As such our client was able to recover the full debt plus costs (and interest) in full. In the interim, our client had the assurance that the debt was secured against the debtor's property.
  • We have experience acting for the principal of a national network of financial advisors in pursuing £400,000 of debt. This advice did not stop at the claw back of indemnity commission but also covered the claw back of compensation claims made to customers following upheld complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service. These claims ranged from straight forward debt recovery to delicate negotiations with IFA’s on the brink of insolvency. Such claims where there is a risk of insolvency required a careful touch, firstly to ensure payment and/or security for the debt, but also to protect the reputation of the client when dealing with a debtor who, with their back against the wall, will use every available device to avoid payment and/or raise complaints against the client. As the majority of our clients are large national companies with high public profiles we are acutely aware of brand protection and conduct our matters with the same integrity that a client would treat their own customers with.
  • We pursued a rent arrears claim for sums in the region of £11,000. The defendant made a counterclaim alleging that goods were unlawfully disposed of from the property. We were successful at trial in securing judgment in full, with costs, and a dismissal of the counterclaim. The judgment and costs have since been secured by way of a charging order over a property owned by the debtor.

Our clients include: British Gas Business, Post Office Ltd, B&Q,Major Rail Infrastructure, LV=, Space Engineering and Durham University.