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With the business world becoming an increasingly global market place, getting the right skills in the right locations is important. 

We recognise that against a backdrop of increasing regulation and greater potential penalties, any business needing and wanting freedom to recruit new talent or transfer staff from overseas can face a daunting challenge when navigating the immigration process.

Working within our leading employment law team, our corporate immigration specialists use legal expertise and commercial understanding to get the results you need. 

We advise on and guide clients through the application process to become a licensed sponsor, compliance with the relevant sponsor guidance and alternative immigration routes. We also advise clients on their prevention of illegal working obligations, including checking and verifying right to work documentation, as well as advising on the preparation for compliance visits from UKVI.

Our clients benefit from us reviewing their applications and having the peace of mind that they have all of the supporting documentation in place before submitting it to UKVI. This reduces the risk of UKVI rejecting the application, which would cause further delay to the application process. Clients can be confident when undertaking document checks and it minimises the risk of their being in breach of immigration legislation.

But most importantly, we believe in long term, productive working relationships with our clients. We want you to feel you have the right people for the job, standing by your side. We work hard to understand the things that motivate you and your commercial objectives, so that every piece of advice we give is practical, relevant and directly contributes to getting you where you want to be.

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What we do

We have particular experience in the following areas:

  • Applications under Tier 2 (General) and Tier 2 (intra-company transfer)
  • Advice on compliance with sponsorship duties and alternative immigration routes  
  • Advice on verification of an employee or prospective employee's right to work in the UK
  • Checking and verifying documentation
  • Advising on the preparation for compliance visits from UKVI.

Examples of work

  • Advising a UK subsidiary of a German corporate on the eligibility requirements and the application process to become a Tier 2 (ICT) sponsor to enable it to transfer employees from its South African branch.
  • Assisting a university with a Tier 5 (International Agreement) application in respect of workers involved in a joint project with an overseas government.
  • Assisting a national retailer with its "right to work" policy to ensure compliance with its prevention of illegal working obligations and to put in place appropriate processes for managing employees with limited leave to remain.
  • Advising a UK subsidiary of a Chinese corporate in connection with the requirements and application process for Business Visitor Visas for visa nationals from China and assisting in preparing a letter of support for non-visa nationals entering the UK as Business Visitors.
  • Delivering training to the UK and European legal team and the UK HR team of a Japanese multinational manufacturer on prevention of illegal working and Tier 2 inter-company transfers.