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Establishing employee incentive arrangements that work in the midst of a tightening regulatory environment can be a challenge.

Whatever your commercial goals or organisational structure, we work hard to understand your needs before tailoring both the actions we recommend as well as the team working for you.

Working alongside our leading employment law team and corporate experts we take an innovative, ambitious approach to delivering practical employee incentive plans and solutions. Because we work hard to understand your objectives and the culture of your organisation, we’re trusted by some of the best-known brands across our core sectors. This specialist understanding of the industry you work in means our solutions and advice are directly relevant to you and your employees, contributing to achieving your strategic objectives.

We provide clear, practical, actionable solutions around employee incentives, ranging from advising on:

  • The design, establishment and operation of share-related incentive arrangements and cash-based bonus arrangements
  • Tax issues employees face when they acquire or dispose of shares
  • The impact that mergers and acquisitions have on existing incentive and bonus arrangements. 

Across the complete spectrum of needs our experts operate alongside your in-house teams to deliver seamless, sustainable solutions.

It matters to us that you feel you have the right people working by your side.  With us on your team, you get expert, professional solutions, delivered in a way that you can trust to make a difference day-to-day.

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What we do

We have particular experience in the following areas:

  • All-employee tax-advantaged share arrangements such as SAYE schemes and share incentive plans (SIPs)
  • Discretionary tax-advantaged share arrangements such as company share option plans (CSOPs) and enterprise management incentives (EMI) share option schemes
  • Unapproved share arrangements such as long term incentive plans and restricted share plans
  • Growth share schemes
  • Employee shareholder shares
  • Joint ownership equity
  • Share-related incentive arrangements
  • Cash-based bonus arrangements
  • Impact of mergers and acquisitions on incentive arrangements

Examples of work

  • Advising a financial services business on the design and establishment of a long term incentive plan whereby a cash pool, determined by reference to the profits of the business, is apportioned between six sub-pools (in which advisers carrying on different activities have been pre-allocated) and then between participants within those sub-pools (by reference to the revenue generated by them (with different weightings between different revenue streams)).
  • Advising on the implications on existing share options and restricted share awards of the acquisition of a financial services business.
  • Advising on the exercise of options granted by an integrated materials handling solutions company on its takeover by a logistic automation company.
  • Advising a government identification and asset protection company on establishment of its long term incentive arrangements.
  • Advising an insurance company on its cash-based long term incentive arrangements following its acquisition by another insurance company.