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We understand the importance of acting quickly when it comes to executive recruitment and termination.

Across our substantial, experienced employment team we support your needs whatever the urgency and the level of advice required. We have the experience to spot the critical issues quickly and present solutions that help you get where you want to be.

Recruiting the right people to the right roles is a fundamental step towards achieving your commercial goals. Having an executive team that fits within your corporate ethos and approach is essential for success. As important is ensuring that the correct documentation is put in place to get the right commercial results whilst also protecting you from risk.

We regularly provide advice at board level on issues such as directors' service agreements, executive terminations and boardroom disputes. We are experienced in carrying out high-level negotiations on settlements. We work with our tax and corporate teams to provide advice on tax efficient employee benefits such as employee share schemes including long term incentive schemes, restricted share plans and enterprise management incentive schemes.

When advising on such an important and sensitive area as this our relationship with you is what matters most. We want you to trust us. To feel that we, too, understand your organisational approach and are working hard to help you get the best results; that we’re an extension of your executive team with a collaborative approach to providing clear, practical direction across both recruitment and termination. That’s where our industry experience and commercial outlook adds real value. Because we’ve taken the time to ask the right questions, we’re well placed to anticipate the circumstances on the horizon and ensure that you’re able to get the result you want.

We also advise senior executives and board directors, particularly in the financial services, media and professional practice industries. We can assist you with your contract negotiations to ensure that you enter the business on the most generous, market competitive terms and with the relevant protections in place, in case your new appointment does not proceed as well as you would have liked. We can help you to maximise your severance package on termination of employment.

We are particularly experienced in dealing with bonus disputes and team moves, restrictive covenant and garden leave issues. We also deal with shareholder disputes and are adept at handling the PR issues arising from the exit of high profile senior executives and board directors.

Whilst we aim to negotiate an amicable resolution, without the need for litigation, when litigation is unavoidable, we are experienced in bringing claims for our senior executive clients in the Employment Tribunals and High Court, and we also have an established track record of successfully defending injunction applications against departing senior executives and directors. 

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What we do

We have particular experience in the following areas:

  • Directors' service agreements
  • Executive terminations where the reputational and financial stakes are high
  • FCA regulatory issues where senior executives are senior managers under the Senior Managers Regime or subject to the Certification Regime
  • Restrictive Covenants, Confidentiality and Team Moves
  • Boardroom disputes
  • Bonus disputes
  • Negotiations on complex, high value settlement arrangements
  • Long term incentive schemes
  • Restricted share plans
  • Enterprise management incentive schemes.

Examples of work

  • Acted for a leading international media rights company; drafted its CEO offer letter and director's service agreement detailing complex remuneration structure, including various bonuses and Long Term Equity Incentives. This was a key appointment for the company to its most senior role
  • Acted for a global digital media company based in the US, we drafted a secondment offer letter detailing the arrangements for its senior vice president to relocate from the U.S to head up the new London office
  • Acted for a President of a global pharmaceutical company who was a Board Director; we advised him about his relocation from Singapore to London and negotiated the terms of his Director's service agreement, including complex clawback provisions under the Long Term Incentives Programme
  • Acted for the Managing Director of an Investment Bank in connection with his potential redundancy. We helped him maximise his severance package by raising a grievance and appealing against his redundancy selection. We assisted him to protect his deferred compensation under the Long Term Incentive Programme which was a significant proportion of his overall remuneration package.
  • Acted for a Board Director at a law firm in connection with a Board restructuring. Negotiated complex new contractual arrangement for her, including a bespoke bonus arrangement
  • Acted for a female General Manager in the project finance division of a Japanese Bank in connection with sex discrimination, disability discrimination and whistle blowing. We raised these issues in a way which led to her receiving a substantially increased settlement package
  • Advised a Director of a governmental organisation in connection with her exit. Raised constructive dismissal, disability discrimination, age discrimination and whistleblowing complaints which led to her receiving a large settlement package and payment of her legal fees in full
  • Acted for a Head of Finance in connection with an internal investigation, linked to an external FCA investigation into allegations of insider dealing and market manipulation.