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Allegations of corruption can stop your business in its tracks.

Without an appropriate anti-bribery and corrupt practices procedure you open yourself up to risk of personal and corporate liability as well as reputational damage.

We understand that it can be hard to see developing yet more policies and procedures as a priority. When you’re focusing on achieving strategic and operational goals this can get pushed down the list.

It matters to us that, even at your busiest periods, you are protected from the time and cost, as well as reputational risk that formal investigations into bribery and corrupt practices inevitably involve.

Our team of experts will be by your side at each step, whether you need practical advice on procedures and governance programmes, or robust, innovative solutions to managing internal investigations and investigations by the regulatory authority.

Most importantly, drawing together experts from across the firm, we tailor everything we do to be directly relevant to the sector in which you work. Making sure we not only provide outstanding legal expertise but apply it in an entirely relevant way to your business.

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T:+44 (0)1752 677 802

What we do

  • Policy and procedure advice
  • Strategic planning
  • Governance
  • Internal investigations
  • Investigations by the regulatory authorities and the Police
  • Training and learning programmes.

Examples of work

  • We advised a university on investigation into bribery/corrupt practices between an employee and contractor.
  • We advised a client company on governance issues relating to an internal investigation into allegations of bribery/corrupt practices on the part of a director.
  • We provided advice to a manufacturing client plc on an internal investigation into alleged breaches of the Bribery Act 2010 relating to two facilitation payments and assisting in parallel police investigation.
  • We were asked to develop an e-learning module on Bribery Act 2010 for an international client.