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Our catalogue of timelines pull together cases, developments, legislations and regulations from a variety of industries and areas in an interactive way.

A brief history of collaborative innovation

Collaborative innovation is not new, with its origin going back to the 1990s. Collaborative innovation, in the form of partnerships with dynamic SMEs, has emerged as a key strategy for delivering corporate innovation and is constantly evolving in line with today's world of business.


Brexit is on everyone's lips and is present in the news. This timeline covers key events, cases and developments that will lead the United Kingdom towards exiting the European Union.


This timeline covers the key milestones and events in the development of the HS2 high speed rail project, starting from 2009 when High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd was established by the then Labour government.

Corporate law

The timeline covers key legal developments and legislation in corporate and company law.

Employment law

The timeline covers key legislation and legal developments in employment law from April 2017 onwards.

Real estate

This timeline sets out the key dates for those operating in the Real Estate sector. 

Energy generator

The electricity and gas sectors continue to be subject to a series of regulatory changes. This timeline sets out the context for the current position; reflecting on some of the recent changes that are significant for the developers and operators of generation plant in the UK whilst also anticipating a number of future events.

Retail and consumer goods

Our retail timeline highlights key legislation and events that impact the sector. This timeline covers developments from April 2017 onwards.

Awards and achievements

Our awards and achievements reflect third party recognition of the success of our people and our firm. This timeline presents our major awards, nominations and achievements.

Commercial insurance

Our commercial insurance timeline highlights key legislation, regulation, cases and other developments that impact on the industry.

Insurance claims

Our insurance claims timeline highlights key legislation and cases that impact on the insurance industry.

Employment tribunal

This timeline provides an overview of the key stages in employment tribunal proceedings. It considers bringing and defending claims; and preparation for and attendance at employment tribunal hearings. The timeline also explains where we can assist and contains links to other sources where parties involved in a dispute can find further information.

Share purchase: deal process

The issues that arise on the sale of shares in a privately owned company can be complex. This high level summary provides an 'at a glance' overview of the key stages involved in the sale process and the main legal documents.