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The UK’s decision to leave the EU will have significant implications for businesses and we are already working with our clients to support them as those implications are understood. 
We are closely monitoring the possible impact of Brexit across the sectors in which our clients operate.
25th Oil and Gas Survey

There has been no slowing in the job losses in the oil and gas industry this year, and there are further cuts to come, but the crisis could be reaching a turning point, according to the 25th Oil and Gas Survey.

Autumn Statement 2016

The post-Brexit Autumn Statement was aimed at building a resilient UK; taking action to close the UK’s productivity gap over the long term through promoting increased investment, particularly in innovation and infrastructure.

Maximising Economic Recovery

The Maximising Economic Recovery (MER) Strategy marks a huge regulatory change for North Sea oil companies. UKCS oil companies will now have to act in large part based on principles determined by economic analysis.

Through the introduction of the Energy Act 2016 the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) will be given a huge amount of power over North Sea oil and gas companies.


Fintech continues to transform the financial services sector at an ever increasing pace, with customer expectations changing and innovative new technologies reshaping the future.